The Beginning

February, 2001. Start of the collection after reading an article in the FAZ-Sonntagszeitung.

March, 2001. First trade with Jochen Ebert. He inspired me and also he donated some labels to me.

August, 2001. Having found some traders, I'm looking for some collectors for trading through the web. BananaJoe (Christian Gahle) and Boris Mrvic will be found. From Boris I got so many "free" labels that I could celebrate my first 100 labels. I was so proud!

September, 2001. Now I met Klement Cepon and Thomas Schulz. And they had sent me many more labels than I can send to them.

Also, in September I got my 200th label by trading with BananaJoe.

October, 2001. After contacting Michael Ebnet-Feit for the first time in August, now I could offer him some labels for trading. He have many good hints and a lot of labels, too. With Ola Gustafsson I now could add a Swedish trading partner to my tradelist.

January, 2002. The new year brought a new trading partner: Günther Hofmair from Austria. His "welcome package" was really great.

Becky Martz is the first female collector who has traded labels with me. She's very kind and we also exchange mails about our families. I got many labels from Becky, too.

Februar, 2002. In January I sent some mails to banana companies, but only few of them answered. Last year I wrote to Cobana and they sent me some labels. Chiquita and Anton Dürbeck GmbH from Frankfurt sent labels, too. From Friedas, I got my 300th label.

Now the work on my website can begin. I must scan the labels. Joachim, my husband, is doing the design and the implementation of the pages. Additionaly, he designed some "labels" for use as a thank-you gift. You can find them and some others in the collection at "L" like "La Banana".