Diary - Archive 2005

Happy New Year

December 31, 2005.

My dear freiends,
first of all please let me wish you all a Happy New Year 2006. Unfortunately 2005 was an idle period for my website. Despite this fact the collection was growing steadily. But there are still many labels to look through, to order and to work off, so a lot of tasks need to be done. Our New Year's pledge for 2006 is to develop a procedure for an easier update of the website. The effort to update the website has become so huge - due to the large amount of new labels - that we don't manage it to scan and upload new labels just in time.

I like to thank everyone, who collected labels for me during the year (especially as many of them are not banana labels collectors by themself). And of course I like to thank all collectors, who trade with me or who simply donate some labels to me. Thank you very much.

Again a Happy and Prosperous New Year :). I'm looking forward to hearing from you :)

Happy New Year

January 11, 2005.

My dear friends,
The big update of my website is now finished. After working during the last 3 month on the website, finally all new labels I got since the Banacom in Mannheim are scanned and uploaded. You can easily see the added labels within the New Label pages at the Collection. All new labels are ordered by date.

Thomas, Tamara und Beate In October I used an opportunity to met another collector, Thomas Schulz. Some of you may have seen his displays with banana labels at the "Tanz um die Banane" exhibition in Hamburg or Mannheim. All others can admire Thomas' displays in my photo album Tanz um die Banane. Grossmarkt Hamburg We met at Thomas' office in Cobana's headquarter in Hamburg. As you may imagine Thomas has a fantastic collection with impressing traders. He provides his collection in an online database http://www.banana-label.net which is public for everyone. Cobana's headquarter Blick auf die historische Speicherstadt is situated close to the Hamburg fruit market and offers a great view on the market, parts of the harbor, the city, and the historic "Speicherstadt".

Certainly I met also with Friedrich who told us many exciting stories of his summer journey to Costa Rica.

Despite the fact that I don't made many label activities during the last year, the number of labels in my collection increased to 2341 labels. I continued looking for labels and many of you had amazing labels for me over and over again. I like to thank Xavier Heyte, Günther Hofmair, Claus Jensen, Friedrich Wilhelm Kunze, Gerry Lorenzo, Becky Martz, Philippos Papanikolao, Joan Weinmeyer and many more. Also a big thank you to the colleagues of my husband - they are looking permanently for new labels form my collection. Especially Britta Helfrich contributed so many new labels, even picked on her journeys to other countries.

At the companies goes a big thank you to Arild Henriksen at "bama" in Norway and to Dole Fresh Fruit Europe.

As a matter of course the traders are up to date, too. With an extension to my label database I'm now able to generate the traders page semi-automatically, so it is now much easier to update the traders page for you. As always you will receive a newsletter, when there are any new traders. And now have a look on it, perhaps you will find some nice traders.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you :)