Happy New Year

December 31, 2005.

My dear friends,
first of all please let me wish you a Happy New Year 2006. Unfortunately 2005 was an idle period for my website. Despite this fact the collection was growing steadily. But there are still so many labels to look through, to order and to work off, so a lot of tasks need to be done.

Our New Year's pledge for 2006 is to develop a procedure for an easier update of the website. The effort to update the website has become so huge - due to the large amount of new labels - that we don't manage it to scan and upload new labels just in time.

I like to thank everyone, who collected labels for me during this year (especially as many of them are not banana labels collectors by themself). And of course I like to thank all collectors, who trade with me or who simply donate some labels to me. Thank you very much.

Again a Happy and Prosperous New Year with lots of new labels :).
I'm looking forward to hearing from you :)